The first principle of the VisionQuest Program is abstinence. This principle is enforced with removal from the program for its breach. Drug testing within the program is random and frequent. Clients consent to such testing prior to admission. Abstinence is required by the By-laws of the Society and, as such, is a legal and non-negotiable requirement of our program.

The second principle is responsibility. Putting this principle into practice means that clients participate in activities to give back to the community. An example of responsibility in action is the Better at Homes program in Logan Lake. VisionQuest clients volunteer to aid seniors in the community in completing tasks they are unable to do anymore such as mowing lawns.  These activities teach that the clients are responsible – to themselves, to their community and to VisionQuest.

Structure and Discipline
The third principle reflects structure and discipline. This means that clients need to learn, or re-learn, the need for consistency and purpose in their daily lives. The following schedule is adhered to by all clients. Exceptions, of course, are made for medical, legal and emergent exigencies.

VisionQuest recognizes that the foregoing are mere words. VisionQuest Recovery has, over the past years, demonstrated that these principles are practiced in all our affairs.

VisionQuest Policy and House Rules

The following guideline is the policy set by VisionQuest along with rules that must be adhered to by all VisionQuest house residents:

  1. Abstinence:
  • Complete abstinence from all mood altering substances is mandatory.
  • Caffeine and Nicotine are allowed.
  • Clients must submit to random drug testing. Failure to do so will result in eviction.
  • A positive test may result in a $25.00 charge.
  1. Smoking/Vaping:
  • There is no smoking or vaping in the buildings. Smoking and vaping are allowed in designated areas only. Cigarettes butts must be put in a container.
  1. Restrictions:
  • VisionQuest is a one (1) year program. The first stage will be a minimum of six (6) months. This timeline is depending on the positive progress of the client. After the first stage the client may move to the second stage of recovery, and reintegration into the community. The Counsellors will explain the complete timeline outlay.
  1. Curfew:
  • Curfew from 10:00pm to 7:00am is in effect from Sunday to Thursday. The curfew on Fridays Saturdays, and the day before a holiday is 11:00pm to 6:00am. All clients must be on the premises during curfew, unless they have made prior arrangements with staff.
  1. Work:
  • Integration back to work is part of the program during the second or third stage and may be permitted after a complete assessment from the Drug and Alcohol Counselor, facility staff and with the approval of a manager only.
  1. Groups and Meetings:
  • You are expected to attend all activities on time, unless previously excused by staff. Groups and AA/NA meetings are mandatory, not optional, for all residents.
  1. Medication & Prescriptions:
  • All prescription drugs must be turned over to the facility staff for storage and dispensing, and to be taken as directed by physician. ALL future medications shall be prescribed by a doctor and delivered to VisionQuest by a staff member or pharmacist.
  1. Emergency Procedures:
  • Emergency drills are to be treated as real emergencies. Fire Alarm: when the fire alarm sounds, all residents are to immediately proceed to the designated meet up area. Under no circumstances is a resident to re-enter a building after gathering prior to getting the all-clear.
  1. Food and Meal Times:
  • Meal times will be set daily. Meals will be served during those times only.  If a meal is expected to be missed, a “save” can be requested prior to the meal time.
  • Clients must clean up after themselves immediately after making a snack.
  • VQ follows the Canada Food Guide for planning meals. Whenever possible, food allergies & intolerance will be accommodated. Special diets are the responsibility of the client.
  1. Laundry:
  • Maximum of 2 loads per week per client.
  • Use only the necessary setting, water level, temperature, and amount of detergent.
  • Remove your own laundry promptly from the laundry room and machines once completed. Show respect for other people’s belongings.  Do not just throw other people’s laundry on the floor or the top the machine.
  1. Chores:
  • Chores will be assigned by the facility monitor and will be on a 1 week rotation.
  • Chores to be completed daily as suitable for the functioning of the facility.
  • If you are unavailable to do your chore due to work, you must make arrangements to cover your chore. You will still be held responsible for the completion of your chore whether or not you do it.
  1. Coming and Going:
  • It is important that the staff know where you are at all times, and any variation to the daily schedule must be approved by facility manager.
  • All residents are required to sign out when leaving premises, and sign in upon returning. (MANDATORY)
  • While out of the facility, if there are any changes to plans, activities, or timeframes, clients are first required to call and receive permission from facility manager.
  • All clients leaving the property must be accompanied by staff unless permission has been granted. (PLANNER)
  1. Visitors:
  • Visitation is Saturdays & Sundays from 1:00pm – 5:00pm.Visitors are asked to come during visiting hours only.
  • Visitors are only permitted in designated areas.
  • Visitors must follow all Facility rules and may be asked to take a drug test. Failure to provide a sample or a positive result will result in the visitor being asked to leave the property.
  1. Phone Restrictions:
  • Harte House:
  • 60 days no cell phone
  • Wednesdays and Sundays personal calls 2 x 10 minutes each
  • Everyday calls to sponsor or children
  • VQ – The Lake:
  • No cell phones.
  • 1 call on arrival, two weeks restrictions.
  • 2 x 10 minute phone calls per week.
  1. Conduct:
  • Respect should be shown to all clients and staff of the facility as well as in the community. This includes outside meetings and on the property.  Please respect the rules and values of meeting facilities and other persons.  Be a good example to the public and to our neighbours.
  • Quiet time: For multi-client rooms, respect must be shown to roommates by ceasing all noise-making activities between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.  This includes TV’s, audio, computers, cell phones (Harte and Discovery) and conversation unless by mutual agreement.
  • Common areas: Respect should be shown for fellow roommates by keeping all common areas clean and tidy. Don’t leave study materials, dishes, tobacco, newspapers, and other belongings in common areas unattended.
  • TV and Audio to be kept at appropriate volume levels while in use. Turn off TV and Audio when not being watched and or listened to. No TV before 7:30 am and 4:00 pm Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Headphone and cell phone use is prohibited during groups at Harte House and Discovery. Clients may be asked to remove headphones if it is determined by staff that they are being used to isolate.
  • Do not touch any other clients’ belongings without permission. This includes food.
  • Do not enter any bedroom other than your own.
  • No sleeping during daytime hours.
  1. Personal Relationships Policy
  • Clients may be asked to discontinue involvement with individuals that are deemed to be a negative influence on clients while at VisionQuest. Individuals include, but are not limited to: partners who use, individuals from recent incarceration, individuals from previous treatment facilities who have relapsed, family members who use, or other “friends” who use. This includes involvement through writing, talking on the phone or seeing on visitation.  Visitors are not allowed on property if they are actively using.   During visits, visitors and clients are expected to behave modestly in regards to touching.  “Modest” kissing hello and good-bye is allowed on site.
  1. Dress Code:
  • The dress code is not meant to restrict nor dictate a client’s choice of clothing, but it is meant to create a safe, comfortable, discrimination free, and recovery oriented environment for all clients. Appropriate dress as presented in the VisionQuest policy will be adhered to at all times.
  • Clothes should be clean and laundered on a regular basis (once a week).
  • Clients must be dressed when not in their room: shirt and pants or shorts. This includes when walking to and from shower.
  • Residents must wear appropriate sleeping garments while sleeping. Sleeping in the nude is not permitted.
  • Tank tops are not allowed while prepping and serving food.
  • Clothing exhibiting party scenes/profanity/alcohol or drug use/sexism/homophobia/sexual or implied sexual content are not allowed.
  • Hoods on jackets must not be worn indoors and sunglasses must be removed when inside the house.
  • If you are told by a staff that a certain article of clothing is inappropriate, you are to change clothes immediately. You are not to wear that article of clothing again while at VisionQuest.  This can be reviewed by the director who has ultimate say on this subject.
  1. Rooms:
  • Resident accommodations are double or more occupancy for the majority. You are expected to share the area. Random searches are done periodically to ensure there are no disallowed items in the rooms and to ensure the rooms are kept clean. No TVs in the rooms except for cabin monitors. There is a game room in the gym area (VQ-the Lake) that is where game systems are to be used, not in the cabins or main TV areas.
  1. Bathroom and Showers:
  • Cleanliness: Bathrooms and Showers to be kept neat and clean.  No urinating on the floor.  Sit down if you have to. Do NOT flush paper towels down the toilets, they WILL plug. Wipe sink and faucets after use.  Generally clean up after yourself each time.
  • Morning Showers: Showers are to be kept to a maximum of 15 minutes per client.  This includes your time in the shower and all other bathroom use.
  • Staff may assign specific bathroom use priorities.
  1. Violence Policy:
  • VisionQuest has a zero tolerance to violence. Violence, both physical and verbal, will not be tolerated.  No horseplay, verbal teasing or jousting.  No nicknames.
  1. Damage
  • Damage resulting from violence or vandalism will be dealt with immediately. Penalties for causing damage are (1) client will be required to repair or help repair damage. (2) Client will be required to reimburse cost of repairing damage to VQ. (3) Client will be evicted.
  1. Discrimination:
  • VisionQuest will not tolerate any discrimination with regards to race, religion, color, national origin, height, weight, marital status, or sexual or gender orientation.
  1. Pornographic Items:
  • Sexually explicit pictures on cell phones, magazines, reading materials, movies or internet sites are not allowed at VisionQuest. Staff will periodically complete room inspections and pornographic items will be discarded.
  1. Giving Back
  • All clients attending VisionQuest will be required to perform 100 community hours over the duration of their stay. Such hours will be assigned by VisionQuest staff.
  1. Gossip:
  • No gossiping at any time. If there is a concern regarding another resident, talk to that resident or bring it up in group and/or to the house manager. Gossip destroys.
  1. Notice to vacate:
  • A written thirty (30) day notice of intention to move and vacate must be submitted from all residents in second stage.
  1. Personal Property:
  • VisionQuest will not be held responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen. Any personal items brought to VisionQuest must be approved by staff, and are the sole responsibility of the client. On entering VisionQuest an inventory of property will be taken and unnecessary items will be documented and placed in secure storage.
  • Upon a client leaving, any and all property left behind will be packed, under the supervision of staff, and taken offsite where it will be kept for 15 days. If not claimed, it will be disposed of on the 16th day.
  • Any personal property, including outside food are subject to search at any time. This includes all items brought to client during their stay.
  1. Penalties:
  • Consequences for non-compliance may be implemented by Staff as follows:
  • Performance Contract, (2) Relocation of Room or Facility, OR (3) Termination of Residency.
  1. Complaints:
  • Any and all complaints can be addressed to the facility manager, or directed to the Executive Director if you feel your complaint has not been addressed to your satisfaction. All complaints will be addressed within 48 hours. If you are not satisfied with the end result, you can direct your concerns in writing to complaints@visionquestsociety.org which goes directly to the Society’s board. A resident or anyone with a concern about the health or safety of a resident can make a complaint to the Assisted Living Registrar by calling the toll free line, 1-866-714-3378
  1. Cash/Money: VQ-The Lake
  • For clients, VisionQuest is a cash free society. All monies brought into VisionQuest are deposited into the client’s trust account. Government comfort checks, or money received from family & friends are also deposited into the clients trust account. As clients purchase items from the office, the amount spent is transferred from the clients trust account to a VisionQuest account.
  • Any funds remaining in client trust account, upon departure, will be refunded within 14 days. It is your responsibility to provide a mailing address to send the funds to. Please note, any funds remaining unclaimed in trust account after 1 year will no longer be refundable. In addition any amount under $1.00 will not be refunded
  1. Mail:
  • All correspondence, packages, etc. incoming & outgoing, may be subject to inspection & review by facility staff.

VisionQuest Recovery Society Rent Policy – Revised April 2019

  • Rent of $50 per day is due on the 1st of the month. Should you be experiencing financial hardship, your circumstances will be considered.
  • A security deposit of $1500.00 is required from all residents not covered by MSD.
  • A $50 admin fee is required to be paid by all residents prior to attending. If the resident is unable to pay upfront, with the approval of a Director they can negotiate a monthly payment.
  • Rent – All Room and Board cheques are to be made payable to VisionQuest Recovery Society.
  • Refunds – All unused portions of rent or security deposit will be returned within 10 working days to origin of payer.
  • Eviction – The following infractions may result in immediate eviction:

(1) Stealing, (2) Using of any mood or mind altering substance, (3) Violence, (4) New criminal charges