This site is for people who genuinely desire to heal from Substance Use Disorder.

People from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and from all Nations are invited to participate in a comprehensive response based on the Twelve Steps and complemented by extensive and thorough programs developed by VisionQuest. Using a holistic approach, the VisionQuest Recovery Society is dedicated to providing the most affirming, positive, life-altering experience within a professional, safe and empowering environment. We provide a range of services from Intervention through Rehabilitation, to Remote Drug Testing services.

Mission Statement

The VisionQuest Recovery Society is committed to helping individuals heal from the disease of addiction by empowering them to make better lifestyle choices. We bring substance-addicted clients into a comprehensive healing journey, involving mind, body and spirit based on the 12-step philosophy. We are especially attuned to the needs of individuals with a history with the courts, and actively cooperate with the relevant authorities to further the interests of both our clients and, by extension, the wider community.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to offer a safe and trustworthy support network for men and women who genuinely desire to heal from addiction and need support and counselling to re-adjust and re-enter society. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective, practical and appropriate alternative to incarceration as a transition back into the community.

Vision Statement

The VisionQuest Recovery Society brings substance-addicted clients on a comprehensive healing journey based on the 12-step philosophy. We are dedicated to providing the most positive, balanced and life-affirming experience possible within a safe, professional and respectful environment. Our clients benefit from a strong program led by licensed D&A and Trauma Counsellors with years of experience helping addicts succeed in their recovery.

VisionQuest Recovery Society believes that:

All people entering recovery need to be treated with dignity and respect
All people thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance
All people will feel safe when surrounded by constructive boundaries and guidelines
All people have the right to play substance free
No one can reach their finest potential while in an institution

VisionQuest Recovery Society also believes that the individual, with a growing healthy support network, restored family ties, an educational/therapeutic healing program can resolve addictive behavioral patterns that render one powerless and seemingly without choice regarding self-destructive behaviors.