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Our Purpose

VisionQuest Recovery Society offers it's programs
to peoples of all nations and backgrounds. Our purpose is to provide supportive recovery housing in a safe, therapeutic environment, helping clients to successfully reintegrate back into society. See Video

This site is for people who genuinely
desire to heal from substance use disorder.

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Mission Statement

The VisionQuest Recovery Society is committed to helping individuals heal from the disease of addiction by empowering them to make better lifestyle choices. We bring substance-addicted clients into a comprehensive healing journey, involving mind, body and spirit based on 12-step philosophy. We are especially attuned to the needs of individuals with a history with the courts, and actively cooperate with the relevant authorities to further the interests of both our clients and, by extension, the wider community.

Discovery House

Discovery House, houses Male clients in the second and final stages of recovery and integration back into society.

Harte House

Harte House serves as our women’s house for female clients in the First and Second stages of recovery and integration back into society.

Logan Lake

Logan Lake is a beginning point for the first 6- 9 months of our male client's journey at VisionQuest.

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